Jul 19, 2017

IRPT spokesperson Mahmudjon Faizrakhmonov said agents from the State Committee for National Security, the successor agency to the KGB, summoned a village council in Qumsangir, near the border with Afghanistan, so that they could publicly criticize him in front of his mother.
“They put psychological pressure on her, and nobody gave any thought to the fact that my mother suffers from a weak heart. They dressed her down before the villagers as though she was a little girl. And it is not the first time this happens. Last time, the neighbors began to spurn our family. My little brother is going through a hard time because nobody wants to make friends with him at school and everyone is wary of him, as if he were a criminal,” Faizrakhmonov said.

A crackdown in Tajikistan that began in 2015 has forced large swaths of the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan membership into self-imposed exile, with many resettling in Poland and Germany.